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The Making-of

7 Wonders Duel’s story

Game Authors

Bruno Cathala

Forever mad about boardgames, Bruno Cathala created his first games as a hobby, in 2002, alongside his career as a researcher in material science. In 2004, an economic downturn pushed him towards a new adventure: to live off his passion full-time, through creations meant for shop shelves, or as a freelance consultant/developer. Nowadays, his passion is still alive: he is his first audience, and he only works on games which he wants to play himself… while hoping to share them with as wide an audience as possible!

His biggest hits: Five Tribes, Abyss (with Charles Chevallier), Cyclades (with Ludovic Maublanc)

Bruno Cathala & Antoine Bauza

Antoine Bauza

After studying to be a teacher and obtaining a master’s in videogames, Antoine Bauza began working as a grade school teacher. He made games in his free time and couldn’t dream of living from it at first. Since 2010, with the success of his games, he has turned to designing games full-time. Other than boardgames, of which 7 Wonders is the best known and sold, Antoine has written children’s literature, comic strips, and held conferences about game design.

His biggest hits: 7 Wonders, Ghost Stories, Hanabi, Takenoko, The Little Prince (with Bruno Cathala)

The Artist

Miguel Coimbra

A self-taught artist, he has been a visual designer in the world of video games. He now works in the world of publishing and videogames, with a special focus on boardgames. He has already done artwork for roleplaying games (Dungeons & Dragons), book covers, and boardgames (Small World). 7 Wonders is his first collaboration with Repos Production.

His biggest hits: 7 Wonders, Smallworld, Cyclades

Miguel Coimbra

The publisher

Repos Production

Repos Production is a European boardgame publisher, a Belgian one to be precise, which began making waves by importing Time’s Up! to the old continent. This success has allowed them to develop a line of original products, of which 7 Wonders is the most illustrious representative.

7 Wonders